Virtual Personal shopping experience - price on application

Too busy to hit the shops? Know what you are after, but don't know what shops will stock what you are looking for? Or simply don't know what you need and feel like you could do with a helping hand? If so, Wardrobe Therapy is here to help.


After an initial consultation either in person, by phone or after a Wardrobe Detox, Wardrobe Therapy will search the items you are looking for and send you links to items either online or in store.


Wardrobe Therapy can send you links to any clothing, accessories, shoes etc you may be looking for, so you don't have to take the time out to do so.

This experience is aimed for those simply too busy to hit the shops - all the ground work is done for you!

Ive got a really busy job but knew I needed a wardrobe update. Sarah was so helpful and found items that were perfect for me, which I ordered straight away. So much less hassle than looking myself!
— Emily, 29, London