Image Consultation & Wardrobe Detox - £165 -

Approx 4Hrs

Do you need an Image Consultation & a Wardrobe Detox? A de-clutter, with a fresh pair of eyes, to see exactly what you do have (but may have forgotten!)?

Do you need an expert to come and help you figure out what suits your style and body shape, what you need to get rid of, and what easy steps you could make to change the way you look?  If so, our Image Consultation & Wardrobe Detox is the service for you. 

Around 4 Hrs depending on the size of your wardrobe. In that time, we will discuss:


  • What clothes suit you, your body shape, your age and lifestyle
  • If your wardrobe is screaming out for particular items or accessories to pull your looks together
  • Different styling ideas for different events
  • What needs to go! However, before we throw these items away to clothing heaven, we will figure out if can they be taken to a tailor to be mended/taken up/taken down? 


After we have finished, your wardrobe will be neat, tidy, de-cluttered and re vamped. You will know what suits you and your body shape, and be inspired to try different things to change your look. You may only need a couple of new items to work with a number of different looks, we can advise accordingly.

You do not have to spend enormous amounts of money on a whole new wardrobe - sometimes you just need a fresh pair of eyes to inspire you with what you do have already.

I was thrilled with the service received from Sarah at Wardrobe Therapy. I was standing in front of my bulging wardrobe but thinking I had nothing to wear, it was time to get some help and Sarah was exactly what the doctor ordered!
— Emma, 42, Stansted