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Are you bored of the clothes you have?

Have you forgotten half of the contents in your wardrobe and tend to wear the same things every day?

Have you had a change of circumstance - had a baby, landed a new job, a relationship finished or just need a fresh new sense of style? If so, Wardrobe Therapy are here to help.


You do not need to buy a whole new wardrobe to update your look, by updating or changing just a few items we can re work your current look - helping you create a capsule wardrobe where everything goes with everything.  Revamp your wardrobe, detox your life and start wearing the things that are going to make you feel amazing.  

Most popular services are a personal shopping and styling session, or a wardrobe detox - with some clients requiring both if they are looking for a complete overhaul.


Contact to organise a consultation to talk through exactly what you need. Based in London but happy to travel, if you are outside London a consultation can be done via Skype or Face Time. 


Whatever your situation, Wardrobe Therapy are here to help xx





Sarah, AKA the Wardrobe Therapist


With a passion for fashion and a clear understanding of what different customers want, Wardrobe Therapy will talk you through what is currently lurking in your wardrobe, clear out what you do not wear anymore and help revamp what you do already have - be it with different styling advice, tailoring advice or a fresh new pair of eyes in general. 


Wardrobe Therapy understand most woman are real women and need to dress for their body shapes, be it curvy, petite, hourglass or straight up and down, we understand how to make the most of what you have got and make you feel amazing.